2018 Platform



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Responsible, Accountable Governance

• Work collaboratively and respectfully with my council colleagues and with city staff

• Take a balanced approach: bringing together economic, social, environmental, and cultural considerations

• Thoroughly research issues and consult the public before making decisions. Then, explain the reasoning
behind decisions

• Respond to citizen voice messages and emails
within 24 hours


Resilient, Vibrant Business Climate

• Advocate for green, creative and technology based industries, business practices, and jobs

• Propose a review of city regulations and permits for businesses and developers to ensure fairness

• Support continued Downtown and North Shore Business area revitalization


Social Responsibility

• Advocate for initiatives to end homelessness

• Support services for people with mental health challenges and addictions and to help minimize negative impacts on the community

• Support the creation of affordable housing for families and seniors


Healthy Environment
Towards 100% Renewable Energy

• Support establishment of a strategic goal for the reduction of Kamloops’ overall greenhouse gas emissions

• Advocate for the promotion and enhancement of Kamloops’ outdoor recreation opportunities

• Support a comprehensive study of downtown transportation patterns


Vibrant Community

• Celebrate and encourage the development of diverse neighbourhoods

• Advocate for development that maintain the Kamloops feeling of “being just the right size”

• Encourage initiatives that continue the great Kamloops track record of volunteerism and community spirit


Experience, Education, & Community Involvement

• Kamloops City Councillor, 2005-2008, 2011-2018

• Acting Mayor, June - October, 2017

• President, Union of BC Municipalities
(Chair, Presidents and Environment Committee)

• Helped start Junior City Council and Sustainability Advisory Committee

• MA, Professional Communication.MA, Professional Communication.
Graduate Certificate, Dialogue, DeliberationGraduate Certificate, Dialogue, Deliberation